What is this blog about? 

TLDR: programming, money, video games, ideas, and humor.

Who? I want to be a programmer, and a businessman. Aspiring to work in the video game industry, I prefer code over games. As far as money goes, I believe in good money management. I wish to become a millionaire through hard work. Yes, that is a generic statement.

What? Better question, “So what?” Well, that is up to you to decide. Is my blog’s content, good enough. I will try my best, but my ideas can not, and should not, be taken as legal/professional advice. Just ideas and information that I, the programming man, share.

Where? http://www.programmingmoney.com/

When? Right now!

Why? Have you ever learned something, but was not able to express it? Was it because others do not understand the topic, do not care to know, or because you are not good at explaining things verbally? Well, this is the basis behind my blog.



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