Blog Statistics and Web Hosting Costs

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Do you want some statistics about this blog? Do you want to know how much it costs to host this website on the internet? Step right up, because we are about to find out!

Programming Money is almost 1 year old!

This blog is about programming, money, and video games. Over the past year, this blog has explored LibGDX, Android Studio, tutorials, C++, algorithms, and scenic views. At some points, it can be hard to find time. Other times, there can never be enough of it.

Blog Statistics

Enough, let’s get into the blog statistics:

It takes a minimum of 3 hours of work to make a post. This includes writing, researching, programming, spell checking, creating art, formatting, uploading, and socializing.

  • More realistically, I spend at least 5 hours per post on this blog.

How long will this blog last? Well, around 30 days from now this blog would have been gone, but I have so graciously renewed it last week for a high price.

In one year, more than 40 posts have been made. Almost all of those posts exceed 1000 words. I do my best to give every single post a fancy title with a picture to go with it.

  • In fact, this is the post number 50!
  • My longest post exceeded 5000 words.
  • Typing programming money in Google does not yield good search results. I check up to page 11.
  • Typing programming money blog in Google yields my first blog post on the second page of the search results.

This was obviously not the best domain name in terms of search engine optimization, but I think it is awesome and distinct.

  • Each day, my blog gets over 50 viewers. I have dedicated many hours into this blog. So each view mean much to me.
  • Programming Money on Google+ has 9 followers and over 2400 views.
  • Programming Money has 18 followers on Twitter, and 152 tweets
  • Programming Money on Facebook has 11 likes

My internship ends about 2 months from now, which is around 60 days. In 2 months, I think I can create some more quality articles. As to what, I am not sure. Cooking has been of particular interest.

Around 2 posts on this blog involve: money, expenses, finance, or costs. To an expert, full time blogger, this might be a small number, considering the name of the blog has money in it.

Web Hosting Costs

Web hosting is expensive. As the cost of storage, processing power, and technology decreases, I would presume that web hosting would too. In my case, it was affordable starting out out. By the way, I use Bluehost’s services.

Bluehost’s Starter price for 1 year of web hosting is $7.99 a month. This is what I purchased. I could have bought 3 years for $5.99 a month. The difference is 6 cents a day. When renewing, the price is much higher.

Bluehost’s Plus price, which is for returning customers, is $11.99 a month for 1 year. For 3 years, the price is $9.99. This time, I renewed for 2 years of hosting at $10.99 month. For 2 years of web hosting, I saved 4 cents a day.

I also renewed my domain name registration, because it is not included, but is a required expense. In total, I spent just over $300.00 to keep this blog running. Last year, I spent just over $100. Having the domain name is nice, but it is the cost of web hosting is expensive.

$440 expensive for three years.

I could have about 3 years and saved around 40% and I wish I did, but hey, we cannot all be winners.

Working for pay

Last summer, working at $8.00 an hour, 24 hours a week, it would take over 2 weeks to make enough money to have this blog running for 3 years. In reality, that is a lot of work. The price tag is shocking. Though, as a daily expense, it is 44 cents a day.

It costs me 44 cents a day to afford this blog. I can easily make that much money in a day.

What could I do?

  • Make small games and sell them on the app store.
  • Work an extra shift at work
  • Do not buy a soda next time I go somewhere
  • Write awesome posts that bring people in
  • Cut 44 cents out of my daily food budget
  • Advertise on this blog, which I already do
  • Help a friend with something for 44 cents
  • Exercise more often, to save on potential healthcare costs later in life
  • Walk, instead of drive, to save on gas expenses.
  • Start a hobby that brings in some discretionary income
  • Go shopping for somebody (like Task Rabbit).
  • Network, work hard, and earn a high paying job later in life

My web hosting costs upfront are pretty shocking. Though, with extra work, I can easily make up for it. As for the quality of the service, I has never disappointed. They do their job well, and I do my job well.


What comes next?

In what direction will this blog head?

My goal is to educate people about programming, money, and anything else that comes up. Last year, my posts have been directed towards what I was learning. Right now, I am learning about a variety of topics including: programming, living with other people, the game industry, cooking, buying food, and commuting.


Wrapping it up

Programming Money is almost 1 year old. The blog is doing well and it has found its place on the internet. The growth could be much better considering it takes a lot of work to learn research and write for a topic which has high completion.

Web hosting is an expensive upfront cost. Looking at the cost in terms of daily web hosting, it is not that expensive. With a little planning, extra work, and motivation, that money could be made back. Lastly, this blog is 1 year old, and will continue to provide education information. I will be more inclined to write about different topics. The main focus will continue to be about programming, money, and video games.

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