Hamster Ball VR Project Week 3

This is the week 3 update. The project is going very well. The artists have made palm trees, a hamster house, and some paws. A cage is being modeled this week. The level designers have been making some great designs too. Notably, the level will feature a two story hamster house instead of a simple ground area. The puzzle pressure plates and switches are still being implemented. I was tasks with two jobs. First, I needed to prevent the hamster ball from moving up steep inclines. Second, I needed to slow the hamster ball down when controller’s triggers are pressed rather than stopping them immediately.

  • After some consideration, I decided it was good to use invisible walls to address places with steep inclines… Classic.
  • The second problem was rather easy; it was finished within a few minutes. Instead of multiplying the ball’s velocity by zero, it is multiplied by 0.95. This might require some tuning, since the deceleration can cause dizziness.

  • In addition, I fixed a weird acceleration bug related to falling. The code that checks to see if an object is falling was referencing the wrong game object. This would allow the player to move in midair, but it has been fixed. 

  • Lastly, I pushed the project to GitHub. No more flash drive backups, it is using source control now.


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