Hamster Ball VR Project Week 5

top down view

This week for our virtual reality hamster game, I was tasked with prototyping a main menu. I did not have much instruction or directions to follow. Given that this is a VR game, I decided to make the menu a playable space. The walls have text which explain how to play the game. In summary, this is a decent prototype tutorial which is expected to change.

play area

A simple play area to learn the game’s mechanics


There is an area to push rocks around, an area to bounce into a palm tree, and a how to play wall. I was a little clever and put a credits wall down a small passage. I figure curiosity will maximizing the chance that someone will see it.

I did manage to figure out why global illumination stopped working when I unchecked auto build. It clears the cache. To fix it, the build button needs to be pressed. Obvious.

I spent some time making a mystical game entrance since this task did not take very long. I played with a combination of semitransparent walls, point lights, and particle emitters. The latter two ended up being used. Unity’s built in particle systems is flexible. Now for some great screenshots.

Big Entrance

This is definitely going to change when the game is finished, but it looks cool.

The beloved how to play wall. This is literally a wall of text.

The beloved how to play wall. This is literally a wall of text.


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