Hamster Ball VR Project Week 7

This week I was assigned a few tasks.

The first task was to update the game’s audio. This included two new songs, one for each scene. There were also some improved sounds clips that needed to be swapped in.

Organizing the assets folder was next. The directory had many imported assets in their own folders. The other assets were clumped together under a common name (e.g. materials). I decided to create a two folders called content and no longer using. All assets go in the content folder. Each has two subfolders named assets and prefabs. Assets no longer in use go in the other, such as those from the prototype go in the other.

The final task was to set up a puzzle involving launching an object using the palm tree colliders. I forecast that this will be a difficult puzzle to solve, since it does not involve a button like the other puzzles in our game. Instead, the player will need to hit wooden beams to free a ramp that leads to a button. Like all designs, the team will need to agree upon this first.

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