How to learn

Where to begin? The ultimate question that leads into circles. It cannot be answered unless confidence, motivation, and brute force are harnessed by the decision maker. Therefore, I decree that the first “real” post be about how I learn:

1. Think of something you do not know.

2. Look it up and find all the sources you can possibly find about what you do not know.

3. Do this: read them, study the content, understand the connections, find errors in logic.

4. Reinforce what you have just learned by creating new content about it.

5. Have an educated conversation with someone knowledgeable about the subject.

6. Learn from what he or she has brought to the table.

7. Do not get distracted. Follow through and finish.

8. If you can teach someone what you have just learned, then you have successfully learned something you previously did not know.